Thursday, January 11, 2007

His View From The Couch

I got an email this morning asking about Cosmo's webpage and how often it would be updated.

Saddly, I have to report that the answer is probably never.

Here's what happened:

Cosmo got excited about story telling a while back. He'd heard about that sappy Marley & Me book and figured he had some really good tales to tell. Not just of eating rolls of brie, letting children ride on his back or why he's afraid of stuffed animals, but real issues that modern day dogs face.

Cosmo is a product of a broken home. While the joint custody agreement has served my ex-wife and me well, it means he has to pack his stuff up and travel back and forth from one house to another. The holidays are tough. He has to put up with very different parenting styles. In my apartment, he has a single father. At MB's house he has two mommies.

This is great stuff.

So we sat down together, and I set up a page for him. We picked out a couple of pictures for his profile, set up the template, he thought up a password. We were well on the road to making My View From The Couch a huge draw.

Then we looked at each other and at the same time realized the problem... the big problem.

Son of a bitch.

Dogs can't type!

Unfortunately this realization has also led to the suspension of all work on Juliet's book, "The Cat That Came In From The Cold: How I Clawed My Way From Catching My Own Food In The Forest To Sleeping On Egyptian Cotton Sheets."


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