Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not Healthy, Wealthy or Wise

I had one of those days today, where I just couldn’t get out of bed. It wasn’t a depressed, hide under the covers, stay in the darkness kind of thing. I was just really tired.

So tired that I gathered up what little strength I had and called out sick.

Sleeping sickness is a disease. I needed to rule it out as the cause of my lethargy.

I made the most of my day. I took a load of whites down to the washing machine. Then I got back into bed. That’s where I stayed until late afternoon.

Again, I wasn’t down or blue, just really tired.

Once I hauled my lazy ass out of bed around 5:00, I made a long list of chores to do. I always feel great guilt when I call out of work, so to alleviate the feeling I like to try to be productive.

Somehow, my apartment is more of a mess now than when I started Operation Clean The Pit.

I threw out bags of stuff, have a box of clothes ready for the Salvation Army, but somehow it still looks like a bomb went off.

That’s all for now. It’s late. I have to go to bed.

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