Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thanks Redd Foxx

I had a particularly foul day at work yesterday. And when your workday, like mine, ends at midnight, there is often no relief in sight once you get home. Frasier reruns only go so far in cheering you up.

While driving home I turned on my Sirius satellite radio and listened to the uncensored comedy channel called Raw Dog. For the first few minutes, it played bits I’ve heard many times. Good stuff, but not fresh.

Then came a voice that was familiar, but not one that I’d heard much on the radio.

Fred Sanford owned a junk store owner in Watts, lived with his son Lamont, fended off religious rebirth from his sister-in-law Esther, and was just one heart-palpitation away from going to join his late wife Elizabeth.

Of course, he was played by Redd Foxx. I’d always heard that Foxx’s stand-up act, before Fred Sanford came along, was the stuff of comedy legend. They said he’d paved the way for the likes of Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy.

I’d never heard any of it until last night. I could have gone to jail for DWLMAO (driving while laughing my ass off).

It started with a giggle or two with his The Cop & The Waitress and Pussy Face bits. Then he launched into, what I can only guess is one of his classic routines: “My Dick II”

Now don’t just assume it’s about his body parts, no, he’s calling a horse race with thoroughbreds named My Dick, Cabbage and Anna’s Ass (who was scratched).

Eventually I learned that My Dick was a mudder and had been up against Anna’s Ass before.

I can’t really remember why my day was so crappy yesterday.

Thanks Redd Foxx.


Lisa said...

Oh, sorry to hear your day was so bad! At least you had My Dick and Anna's Ass to keep you company!

John said...

My Dick does bring happiness