Monday, March 26, 2007

112 Across

A couple of times over the past two weeks I’ve mentioned the woman with whom I’m smitten. Henceforth, I shall refer to her as WWWIS.

I have hesitated to say much about her, because I really seem to like her but I’m afraid that if I put it out there I’ll jinx it. Also because I haven’t really gotten to the point of putting everything “out there.”

But for the love of all things good, I have to write about what could be the perfect dating day.

We slept in a bit (yes, we’re to the point of sleeping in together). Once we got vertical, we went out to brunch and along the way grabbed the Times. WWWIS has never done the Sunday puzzle, so we started it together, while eating at a neighborhood joint.

After filling ourselves with great Sunday brunch food, we went to the park, where we worked on the puzzle a little more.

Then we walked and walked around town before grabbing a movie. We watched Borat together and laughed our asses off. We were hungry, and went to another neighborhood eatery, had pizza and filled in a few more squares.

Finally, we had to go our separate ways for the day.

Look, I know this may seem a little dull on paper. It wasn’t dull to live through. It was just delightful.

And what am I supposed to think when one of the puzzle clues called for a 4-letter word for “Totally Nuts”


Yes, I think I am.

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Lisa said...

It sounds like an absolutely lovely day! I'm happy for you!