Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Turns Out My Male Friends Can Read

I got an email from a good college friend today. He'd seen my blog, and said he liked it. And that surprised me.

As I thought about why, I realized that it's because I never expected any male friends of mine to read it. Especially this guy, who, and I now know he'll read this, was the man's man of all of my friends in school. He actually carried the title of "Cool Guy" and it wasn't a joke.

Anytime I ever felt an overwhelming wave of political correctness in school, I went to see him.

If I was trying to make decisions between whether to do the responsible thing or the thing that would make my college years more memorable, I'd ask myself, what would BF do?

Years later, when I went running into a bomb shelter in Kuwait because of an incoming missile in the first weeks of the war, I actually thought, BF would think this was cool.

So, now I think I need to throw in some more macho stuff in here for a few days.

Instead of talking about the day I spent in the park with the woman, talk about how hot she is, and what we did when we weren't at the park.

Less about the little boys I supervised at day camp, more about the romping in the pool with the girls counselors during the overnights.

Not so much about how I think I'm fat, more about playing hardball in a men's baseball league, on a team where my nickname is "The White Guy," because I'm the only one, or how the picture in my profile is me serving time in the penalty box after some sort of heinous attack on an opponent in high school hockey.

Ok boys, I'm ready to be a man.

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