Thursday, March 29, 2007


Apparently there are some workplace scenes that, while normal here in a television newsroom, aren't so commonplace in the rest of the world.

Last night I was reading the details of Anna Nicole's autopsy out loud.

It included lines like: "The anus is unremarkable," "the vagina is normally wrinkled and contains no foreign matter," and "there is a deep seated abscess on the left buttock with a creamy, yellow-green pus."

This was our dinner break entertainment. I was eating a sandwich, one coworker, P, was standing behind me slurping down a bowl of salty miso soup, and another, W, was chomping on sushi.

"The implants were surrounded by a thick connective tissue with a clear thick yellow fluid."


"The abdominal cavity is lined with glistening serosa."


There was a visitor who watched us from across the room with a look of true disgust on her face.

What do the rest of you talk about when you eat?

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