Friday, March 16, 2007

A Substitute Entry

I sort of want to write about this woman with whom I'm completely smitten, but I'm not quite there yet... there being that place where I can write everything about myself here where everyone can read it.

And because I'm not there, I know I have at times been a little boring.

Just wait until you read this one. It's about parking cars!


There was a scene in the opening montage of a 70s cop drama that showed a dozen or so cruisers pulling out of the police station lot, in perfect unison.

Here at my workplace the parking lot here is divided into two levels. The bottom is covered, and those 12 spots go to the highest level bosses here. The rest of us park up top, in the open. Normally, that's fine, maybe even better, because our spots are actually closer to the door.

But, on a night like this, being outside sucks.

Our city is being pelted by little ice balls. So far there are several inches on the ground, and on our cars. It's just crappy.

At 6:30, when the daysiders left, they all had a good 15 minutes of scraping before they could actually pull out of the lot. From the windows, it sort of looked like the string section of a symphony, as they all moved their scrapers back and forth, back and forth.

We weren't just watching for fun, though. We were waiting for the all clear, and shortly after 7pm, we got it.

There are about 15 of us who work here in the evening. And while there are fewer than 15 official spots under the cover in our lot, we are a resourceful bunch. We also look out for each other.

One by one, like the open of that TV show, we pulled out of the upper lot and filled into the lower area. The lines dividing the spaces are unimportant. What matters is that we make room for as many cars as possible. Since we had only been at work for a few hours so far, we didn't have as much scraping to do, so we spent a few minutes clearing the icy crap, and then our cars got to spend the rest of the evening in executive luxury.

It's a bonding experience.

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