Friday, March 09, 2007

I'm So Smart!

A few weeks ago I was taking a long drive and threw my Violent Femmes greatest hits disk into the CD player. It’s one of those CDs that I’ve had for a while but hadn’t listened to in ages.

The song Gone Daddy Gone came on and I rocked out. It’s a great tune. For the love of Pete… it has a xylophone (or one of those things that sounds and looks like a xylophone but is called something else that I can’t remember from 3rd grade music). Whatever, you can’t go wrong with a punk song with a xylophone solo in it.

So as I listened over and over I thought, “damn… what a shame that a great song like this is long forgotten. Too bad no one has ever remade it.”

Then this week I saw an ad for Chris Rock’s new movie, and immediately recognized the song in it as Gone Daddy Gone.

Ha Ha!

I know good music. I thought it and someone listened to my brain and they did it! I’m a genius.

Tonight I looked it up on ITunes. I didn’t expect to find it, it’s a new release, of course, and I’m so forward thinking, so ahead of the curve, I knew I’d probably have to wait a few weeks.

But, lo and behold, it came up…

And then I realized the truth of my genius. It isn’t really so genius.

Gnarls Barkley did it…

On their St. Elsewhere CD…

That came out last year.

OK, that’s not so dumb.

Except I have that CD.

And I’ve listened to it several times.

And that means I’ve listened to the new version of the song…

Several times.

So, not only has it been redone… but I’ve had the redone version myself for 8 months.

I pretend I know a lot about music. I don’t know sh*t… even about the stuff I have.

That’s alright… I have another big idea… and no one has thought of this: What if Sting got together with his old band mates and did a Police reunion tour?

If only people could read my brilliant musical mind!


Melissavina said...

A marimba??

John said...

maybe, or a glockenspiel or a vibraphone? i don't know. one of those things you hit with a mallet.