Monday, March 05, 2007

Squeeze Me!

In 1987 my parents got their first CD player. I already had lots of cassettes and LP’s, but my first CD purchase had to be something I’d remember.

I ended up buying Squeeze's 45s and Under, their greatest hits disk, and for the next few weeks I played it over and over and over again. If it had been a cassette or an LP, it would have worn out.

Tempted. Black Coffee In Bed. Up The Junction.

I loved every song on the disk.

I never got a chance to see the band live though, until this weekend, when I got to see a close alternative.

Chris Difford was half of the duo that essentially led the band, the other half being Glenn Tilbrook. Once in the 80s I read that they had the potential to be the greatest writing team since Lennon and McCartney. Their relationship was also strained, like Lennon and McCartney’s. And while it sounds like they are on much better terms these days, Difford is still out on a solo tour.

The place where he played was one of those intimate venues not even big enough to be called a hall or a club. And it’s one of the best places to hear music in this city.

Instead of paying $150 and sitting a football field away, I bought the tickets with the cash in my pocket, and sat no father then 10 feet from him.

He chatted with the crowd, we sang along, it was great.

Tempted. Black Coffee In Bed, Up The Junction

Just like in Squeeze, though, Difford didn’t go at it alone. He had two stage-mates with him.

Melvin Duffy played pedal steel and made it sing. He also looked like he was having a blast.

And then there was Dorie Jackson.

Holy Moly… I have such a crush!

I wish I could say I’d heard her sing before. For the last two days I’ve been trying to think of the best words to describe her voice.

You know how you feel when you’re chilly and you get that mouthful of sweet, hot cocoa at the perfect temperature? First your mouth feels great, then your body is filled with warmth and happiness. Well, that’s what her voice did (except for my ears not my mouth…)

She was also the perfect complement to Difford and his Squeeze songs. Depth, emotion… blah blah blah… it was all there in her voice.

After the set, they mingled with the crowd. I got to shake Difford’s hand, yet it was more exciting to tap Dorie on the shoulder and tell her how beautiful her voice is. She must hear it all the time, yet she was charming and gave me the delightful British response of “Cheers.”

Like I said, total schoolboy crush…

She has a solo CD coming out sometime this year. I don’t know what her solo style is, but with her voice it doesn’t matter.

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