Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm It

My friend Lemon Gloria "tagged" me this weekend. It came after she was tagged and had to write six truths and one untruth about herself. In addition to having the honor of being tagged, I also had the brains to pick out her lie.

She can't hold a tune. I could tell just by looking at her. I'm guessing that she is the really fun woman who can't wait to take the stage at karaoke, knowing that her version of "Living On A Prayer" will send people running through the streets for ear protection.

So now about me. Six truths one untruth:

1) I have visited 44 American states. As I child, my mother and I would go camping with her best friend and children. We visited a different region of the country each summer. The only states I haven't been in are Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska and Kansas.

2) I was once in People Magazine. I was 6 at the time, and one of the subjects of an article that included a photo of me.

3) While I am a liberal pretty much across the board, I do own a gun and enjoy shooting as a hobby. Perhaps it's the boy part of me, or maybe it's from living in Ohio for 5 years, but even though it goes against my general politics, it's a passtime I like.

4) I like all genres of music, but jazz may be my favorite. I love listening to it and I'm trying to learn some jazz riffs on my guitar.

5) The first time I ever "went all the way," we were interupted when her grandfather walked in the room. She moved so fast, he never knew what was going on.

6) I once got lost while driving in a middle eastern desert. When we finally found people, they were carrying machine guns and not at all happy to see us.

7) I am a very good cook.

So now, I'm supposed to "tag" someone else. But since I'm new to this and don't really know anyone else, other than the woman who tagged me, I'm going to wait a bit before passing on the honor.
Can I do that?
Defer the tag?


Lisa said...

I don't think you cook. When would you have time?

Two things - I can't even be dragged kicking and screaming to sing karaoke. And I like that Living on a Prayer song.

John said...

interesting guess.

Melissavina said...

Jazz. Who plays "jazz riffs"? It's not enjoyable, it's frustrating. My dad tries. No one really loves it. That's my vote. Jazz.

John said...

you seem like a wise woman melissavina!