Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today, I'll Pass

I was going to write a witty, albeit mean little something about Anna Nicole. Not because I have any reason to care strongly about her either way. No, I was going to do it because being mean is so easy.

Taking pot shots at a celebrity like her would have required no thought, no crafting, really no clever ability, certainly no creativity.

And that is the reason I think so many people like to be mean.

Mean and offensive comments always grab attention, they get a big laugh, and they require no real brain power to create.

It's the like making the choice to walk through this word a happy person or a grumpy person. It is a piece of cake to be grumpy. And complaining, oh it's so much fun when you're with a group of people, and so easy.

Sucking it up though, and trying to have a bright outlook, even in the face of a bad day takes a lot of effort. It can even be exhausting.

But, having lived my share of grumpy days, I now think the effort of trying to be in a good mood is worth it.

And I think I will feel better about this post by skipping the softballs that Anna Nicole has tossed up there through her life.

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