Monday, February 12, 2007

Loose Ends

Cosmo is more like himself today. The doctor prescribed a heavy duty NSAID and maybe it’s working. Tomorrow he goes to his regular vet for a more detailed examination, and then he’s going to stay with MB for a bit. He’s happy and not at all uncomfortable.

Who takes a 5-year-old to the animal ER? Actually, that’s not a fair question because I know that sometimes you have no choice in child care. But, to take the little boy into the consult with the vet seems cruel. Everyone in the waiting room heard him scream and yell that he didn’t want Lucky to die. I’m not a fan of glossing over life for kids, but is it so bad to tell the little boy that Lucky has to go to a farm?

MB and her partner are having, or getting a baby. They’re adopting from overseas and are far along in the process. I had been expecting them to ask me for a sample. All of that practice for nothing.

Some college students around here are in hot water for hiring a hooker, a hooker who is HIV positive. Lots of things to touch on here, but my first question is why college kids need to hire a hooker. Is there any period of life when sex is more available than in college?

And this gets me to my final topic which came up over the weekend. When I’m President of the World, one of my first decrees will be that every school have barrels of condoms by every door. The students will learn sex-ed, and be told that they probably aren’t ready to have sex, and they really should wait. But we all know better, and on their way out the door they should be able to fill their pockets with rubbers, with no embarrassment. Teens have sex, and that will never stop. Teen pregnancy and STD’s can be prevented though. And while we’re at it, get the girls to line up for the HPV vaccine. It’s not going to make them have sex, it’s not going to tell them it’s ok to have sex, but it’s going to protect the ones who were going to have sex anyway from a tough price to pay, cancer. I have many female friends who have a little extra angst when they get their annual pap's, all because of an easily transmitted virus they got in their younger days. Imagine how much easier they might sleep if they'd had a vaccine.

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