Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Discoveries

There is a newly discovered film of President Kennedy, taken less than two minutes before his assassination. The man who took the film has known about it for more than 40 years, but apparently never thought it was very noteworthy. Only after casually mentioning it to his grandson did the man donate the film to the museum dedicated to Kennedy’s assassination.

There are, no doubt, historians and conspiracy buffs alike looking at the film frame by frame, to see if there are any shots of Lee Harvey Oswald carrying a violin case into the Book Depository.

Apparently there have been a few other similar discoveries of items originally thought to be unimportant.

In New Guinea, air traffic controllers are taking a new look at a file that’s been lying around for the last 80 years, labeled A. Earhart/Change In My Flight Plan.

FBI agents now think it might be worth checking out a map that’s been hanging on the wall at the headquarters for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. They’re curious about an X over the Meadowlands and a scribbled note that says “We buried Jimmy here.”

And, several residents of Qandahar, Afghanistan have decided to contact U.S. Forces about the tall bearded man who has been working the register at Osama’s Coffee House.

That’s all for now, I’m catching up on past emails, like the one from my friend Anna Nicole that says Paternity Results in the subject line.

Oh, it can wait.


Melissavina said...

This is my favorite post.

John said...

thanks... it makes me giggle too.